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Admissions Policy and Fees

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All students are interviewed by the Principal or the Director of Studies.  Admission at A Level is based upon assessment at interview, GCSE results and previous school record.  At other levels, written work and tests may be required.  Prospective courses are fully discussed.

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FEES 2016 - 2017

A Levels per Term

AS Level

3-4 AS Levels: £6600
2 AS Levels: £4800
1 AS Level: £2400

A2 Level

3 A2 Levels: £6600
2 A2 Levels: £5000
1 A2 Level: £2550

One Year Courses

3 A Levels: £6900
2 A Levels: £5170
1 A Level: £2700

GCSEs per Term

Full time (5 - 9 subjects): £6200
Part Time (per subject): £1300

Examination Fees

AS: £365
A2: £365
GCSE: £315

Individual Tuition

Term time per hour: £70
Holidays per hour: £75

Registration Fee: £250

Registration Fee (International): £500

Practical Fees: £100

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Relationships between staff and students, and amongst the students themselves, are excellent.

(ISI Report 2015)

University Destinations

Where our students continue their learning:  Oxford, UCL, Bath ...

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