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Autumn Revision Courses

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Please note: Given the changes to Summer 2020 examinations due to COVID-19, Collingham College will be offering online tuition on a short-term basis to students who may already be enrolled at another institution. 

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Experts for over 40 years

Collingham offers courses in a wide range of subjects and boards

A Level revision courses at Collingham provide the perfect opportunity for students to refine their knowledge of the syllabus and fine-tune exam technique. With a maximum of eight students per class and seminar-style teaching, there is ample opportunity for participants to ask questions, articulate understanding of key points and topics and receive individualised feedback on their work. Courses are intensive with homework set and marked regularly throughout, with the focus firmly on examination practice.

Our tutors’ expertise –many are Oxbridge educated and over 80% have postgraduate qualifications-, experience and enthusiasm means that students are engaged with the revision process; they are equipped with clear notes and guidance on independent study. All groups are board-specific or, where appropriate, formed according to texts or topics.

By boosting confidence in subject knowledge and exam technique and providing a structured and supportive environment in which to revise, a revision course can make an enormous difference to outcomes in the public examinations.

Call us:  020 7244 7414     Email us:

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