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Admissions Policy and Fees

All prospective students are interviewed by the Principal or the Director of Studies, which includes a full discussion about course selection (these interviews can now take place online).

Admission for A-Level & GCSE courses are based upon assessment at interview, previous examination results and school record. Year 9 admission will take into account a prospective students level of academic attainment, as presented in the school report, in place of previous examination results. We have a separate fee structure for External Candidates, more information regarding this can be found here. We have a separate fee structure for Online Candidates which is available upon request.

The 2023-2024 fees are as follows;

Examination Fees (A Level/GCSE): £475

Registration Fee: £330

Registration Fee (International): £640

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A Level Fees (per term)

First Year:
per term

3-4 subjects: £8605 2 subjects: £6265 1 subject: £3130

Second Year:
per term

3 subjects: £8605 2 subjects: £6535 1 subject: £3335

One-Year A Level Courses:
per term

3 subjects: £9010 2 subjects: £6705    1 subject: £3510

GCSE & Year 9 Fees (per term)

Full-time (5-9 subjects): £8605 Part-time (per subject): £1710

Additional Fees

Practical Fees: £140

Individual Tuition (Term time per hour): £90

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