12 March 2019

Great Gatsby Lecture Day

Collingham’s A Level English students attended a Great Gatsby Lecture Day in London held by Sovereign Education. Their Programmes are carefully designed to help and inspire teachers and students, and to improve examination performance. It was a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the works of Fitzgerald with speakers from all areas of education including academics, teachers and advisers.

The day included four speakers who covered:

  • Fitzgerald and the 1920’s: The Great Gatsby as a Social critique
  • The role of Nick Carraway as an unreliable narrator
  • The Great Gatsby as a tragedy of ambition
  • The presentation of women in The Great Gatsby

Our day was packed full with helpful information. It was great to hear from a range of people who had differing subject matters and opinions to what the students had already covered in their classes.

Collingham blog News

Collingham blog, News

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