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Admissions Policy and Fees (Online)

All prospective students are interviewed by the Principal or the Director of Studies. These interviews can now take place online. Admission is based upon assessment at interview, previous examination results and school record. Prospective courses are fully discussed before registration.

Please Note: Online tution is only available in certain circumstances and will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Principal. More information regarding eligibility for online tuition can be found here.

The 2020-2021 fees are as follows;

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A Level Fees per Term

First Year A Level Courses:

3-4 subjects: Online £6925
2 subjects: Online £5040
1 subject: Online £2520

Second Year A Level Courses:

3 subjects: Online £6925
2 subjects: Online £5255
1 subject: Online £2680

One-Year A Level Courses:

3 subjects: Online £7250
2 subjects: Online £5395
1 subject: Online £2820

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GCSE Fees per Term

Full-time (5-9 subjects): Online £6925
Part-time (per subject): Online £1370

Examination Fees

A Level/GCSE: £420

Individual Tuition

Term time per hour: £70 

Additional Fees

Registration Fee: £290
Registration Fee (International): £560

Practical Fee (Annual): £900




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