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GCSE Chemistry

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Chemistry is the study of atoms, how they interact with each other, the properties of the resulting chemicals and what we can do with the materials we make. The IGCSE Chemistry course is ideally suited to those wishing to pursue the subject to A Level, or those simply wishing to gain an understanding of the world around them. Topics covered include proving the composition of the air and how our actions are altering it, chemical bonding, extraction, separation and uses of raw materials, manufacture methods and factors effecting choosing them. Chemistry also requires students to apply their mathematical skills in reaction calculations.

The experiments in Chemistry teach the students to select the safety measures to implement, along with supplying them with hands on of techniques such as Titration and Electrolysis. These chances encourage precision, control, observation and data recording skills.

Chemistry is assessed through two written papers (one 2hrs long and the other 1hr long) they will test the students understanding of ideas, ability to predict and explain properties, carry out calculations and suggest  factors to consider when carrying out investigations. Future careers range from medicine, medicinal chemistry and green chemistry to materials science, law and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Outside of the classroom Collingham students have been to the Royal Society Science show, Meet the Universities at the Royal Society of Chemistry and have taken part in the Chemistry Olympiad.





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