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Revision Course Dates

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Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Revision Course Dates 2024

A Level Revision

Course 1: 25th – 29th March

Course 2: 1st – 5th April

Course 3: 8th – 12th April

GCSE Revision

Course 1: 25th – 28th March

Course 2: 2nd – 5th April

Course 3: 8th – 11th April

Essential Examination Skills Day

Course Date:  Saturday April 6

Fees for 2024: £260, or £130 if booked in conjunction with a full Easter revision course.


A level first course:  £695
A level subsequent course:  £655
GCSE first course:  £550
GCSE subsequent courses:  £510
Combined Science:  £1060
Exam Skills Day:  £260/£130

If no group forms for a particular subject or syllabus, individual tuition is given for half the number of hours for the same fee.

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