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For most of our students, Collingham is the gateway to their university of choice. Personal  Tutors are there to ensure that students benefit from the very best careers advice and to offer plenty of practical help with university application. 

From college to university, we work closely with our students every step along the way. Collingham prepares students for a wide variety of future pathways. Students generally go on to a broad range of UK universities upon leaving Collingham, including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. We also regulalry assist students in applying for entry to American universities, including providing tuition for SATs.

Great care is taken with the university application process, helping all students to achieve places that suit their aims and abilities. For students who are called for interview, we hold mock interviews to build the confidence necessary for success. Parents are encouraged to become fully involved in this process and there is an Open Evening in the summer term to discuss university entrance procedures.

You can find more detailed information regarding University destinations below:

University Destinations 2018

University Destinations 2019

University Destinations 2020 

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