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Most students at Collingham take eight or nine GCSEs/IGCSEs. Generally this will include Mathematics, English Language, at least one science, a humanities subject and a modern language. In addition to this they can choose from a wide range of other subjects. Collingham offers a very diverse curriculum with students choosing from a large number of options as well as the core subjects. All students must take PSHE and Games alongside their chosen academic subjects.

Any strengths that the students have will be promoted through additional subject choices. Linguists are encouraged to do two foreign languages. Creative students can do Art, Photography, Media and or Music as GCSEs or they can attend Art club or Lamda lessons outside their examining subjects. Pupils who want to do science at A Level do all three separate sciences. It is important that students do the requisite number of subjects as sixth form entry will be dependent upon a minimum of five passes, grades A* - C, at GCSE.

Students can follow a normal two-year programme or an intensive one-year course.  The small class size (maximum nine) means the tutor is able to give a great deal of personal attention to each student. It also helps promote an atmosphere where student input, in the form of questions, class discussions and debates, is encouraged. The class sizes, encouragement to become independent learners and a focus on exam technique help prepare the student very effectively for their exams. Classes are taken in two-hour blocks enabling the teacher to go through the required material and then go over worked examples in class, ensuring that a deeper grasp of the material is achieved.

Walso accept exam entries from a small number of private candidates, more information is available here.

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