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GCSEs at Collingham College 

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Visitors to Collingham often comment on the mixture of friendliness and ambition which meets them. We hope that this is an accurate reflection of what we are about. We aim to gain the best possible results for our students, with a real sense of focus and purpose, in an atmosphere which is caring and positive.

Collingham encompasses a range of academic ability and places the focus firmly upon individual needs. The GCSE cohort is a tight community of around 30 students. They split their time between the GCSE building at Young Street and the main site, this gives them the security of the smaller group but begins the progression towards the independent learners they strive to become at A Level. The atmosphere, the building and the quality of the staff make for a unique learning environment.

Pastoral Care

The students are all encouraged speak up and share their views along with learning to listen to others and respect their opinions. This personal growth is encouraged by their class tutors, their Personal tutor and through specific classes. The students all participate in PSHE (Yr11) or General studies (Yr10), where they get the chance to explore citizenship, relationships, study skills, e-safety and health issues.

The personal tutor assigned to each student monitors progress, provides a sympathetic ear and can give advice on both academic and personal matters. The job of the personal tutor is mostly one of guidance and encouragement, but also firm direction. Personal tutors are in constant touch with subject tutors and maintain close contact with parents.


At GCSE level, students are required to attend from 9.15am to at least 4.00pm. An attendance check is made each lesson and parents are informed of absence and repeated lateness. They are expected to adopt a responsible attitude to their study periods and to organise their personal time effectively, with guidance from their tutors and personal tutor. In cases where a student does not reliably submit work on time, additional study periods are added to the timetable.

Reports from subject tutors and personal tutors are sent out twice a term and there are regular Parents’ Evenings.

Parents are also welcome to make an appointment to visit Collingham at any time to discuss the student’s progress.

We offer the students a variety of trips to further their learning. Ranging from day trips to time abroad, covering a wide range of disciplines; ski trips, museum visits, London zoo, art galleries and science shows. We use these trips to foster their curiosity about the world and engage them with it through as many routes as possible.

 Head of GCSE

Paul Caffell

Paul, MA Hons, MSc read Philosophy at Aberdeen University and studied Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies at UCL.

Contact Paul about GCSE courses:

16 Young Street, Kensington, London, W8 5EH

Telephone: 020 7584 7196

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