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GCSE English Literature

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This subject involves both exams and coursework

The subject

A book is a machine to think with” - I. A. Richards

If you enjoy thinking for yourself rather than following the crowd, this is the course for you.  English Literature involves studying the essential, often controversial issues that literature raises: love, friendship, prejudice, corruption, passion, loyalty and death.

Above all, books deal with human experience. If a work of literature is “a contraption with a guy inside” (W.H. Auden), anyone who likes to observe people will enjoy studying this subject.

The course

We analyse a range of poems and also explore one novel and two plays.  To widen students’ understanding we also consider the historical and cultural background of each text, so English Literature appeals to those drawn to history and social sciences as well as those who just love reading.  We also explore and appreciate a writer’s techniques in detail, complementing both analytical and creative writing in English Language. We take advantage of our Central London position by organising trips to theatres, exhibitions and, if relevant, the cinema. 

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