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GCSE History

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IGCSE History (Cambridge Board)

This is offered as a one or two-year course. This course has been chosen for its fascinating content, intellectual stimulation and excellent preparation for A level History. It focuses on 20th century History and allows us to make full use of resources that London has to offer such as visits to the Imperial War Museum. The content is not as wide ranging as some comparable Boards but that allows us to focus in depth on the topics instead of gaining a rather superficial knowledge which is hard to convert into exam success.

There are three exam papers at the end of the course and no coursework. You will be examined in:

  • Depth Study : Germany 1918-45
  • International Relations: 1918 - 39
  • Source paper on one aspect of International Relations which changes every year. 
  • The topic for June 2015 is 'Why had International Peace collapsed by 1939?'
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