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An important aim of Spanish IGCSE is to enable students to communicate in the language in everyday situations you may encounter while travelling in Spanish-speaking countries, such as ordering food and drinks, shopping and asking for directions.

The topic areas covered in the course are Home and Abroad, Education and Employment, House, Home and Daily Routines, The Modern World and the Environment and Social Activities, Fitness and Health. By the end of the course you will be able to use past, present and future tenses to narrate events, and to use evaluative as well as descriptive language.

We do the Edexcel examination which consists of three papers: Speaking (25%), Listening (25%) and Reading and Writing (50%).

In the short term, Spanish is perfect for those who want to be able to use the language on holiday or during their gap-year travels. Spanish is a major world language, and as such it is extremely useful in business situations. You may also choose to learn it for the sheer satisfaction of mastering another language. Numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effect learning a foreign language has on cognitive function, and you will find that your understanding of English improves too.

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