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The Subject  

The ICT course focuses on the principles, knowledge and skills associated with Information Systems. There is an emphasis on the development of a wide range of practical skills, which can then be tailored to perform useful problem-solving tasks. There will be a study of the effects and limitations of ICT systems, and the new opportunities that they can create in organizations and society.

ICT is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to exploit the Information and Communications technology available today. It is similar to Computing but with more emphasis on the use of application packages in providing solutions. There is also much greater emphasis on the impact of Information Technology on both society and commerce. Where Computing is designed to develop the skills required tobe an IT professional, ICT is designed to develop the skills required to be a successful professional in the digital age. Every opportunity is given to the students to experience the use of as wide a range of software applications as possible.

With the Internet now playing such a pivotal part in the development of economic strategies, society and its increasing impact on individuals, time is spent in developing a real understanding of its current and future role. The importance of information in businesses and organizations is emphasized as are design and presentation skills.

Normal entry to this A Level course is a range of GCSEs including Maths and English. GCSE ICT is not essential but there should be some evidence of previous ICT work achieved. This course is particularly suitable for students who wish to develop their IT knowledge beyond word processing and entertainment. Skills and knowledge developed are applicable to many other subjects and in particular any business or science related course.

The Course

In Year 1 for AS, the meaning of Information is explored; how it can be used in the context of Information Systems and the impact of such systems on organizations and society at large. Time is spent learning some of the basic technical means by which Information Systems are implemented.

Alongside theory, practical skills in applications packages are developed. This will enable the student to complete a portfolio of work, which they will use to complete a written exam.

In Year 2 A2 studies look more fully at the development life cycle of a corporate information system and its wider impact in terms of project management, user training and legal implications. The technical aspects will be covered in more depth. A substantial project, based on a real life problem, will be developed throughout the year resulting in a 20000 word report.  The coursework gives the student the opportunity to develop real life skills in the system analysis, project management, design and practical hands-on expertise of developing an IT system

Students are not expected to learn a programming language on this course. 

Preferred Board: AQA

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