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Our Italian Department combines a refreshingly modern approach to language teaching – using Italian as the language of instruction in class – with a stimulating, scholarly attitude to the study of Italian literature and culture. 

Why study Italian?

Italian is an excellent choice for the student who loves Italy and would like to be able to share in the Italians’ way of life. It is also a natural companion to subjects such as Art, History of Art or Music, where so much of the content is based on Italian life and culture. Students who do Business Studies or Economics should remember that Milan is the fashion capital of Europe, that Italy leads the way in industrial design and occupies an important place in international business. A good grade in Italian GCSE (or equivalent) is a prerequisite to the AS/A level course. 



The Course

We follow the Edexcel syllabus, which allows students to obtain an AS level after one year and an A level after two years of study. Students who are fluent in Italian can sometimes manage the full A level in one year.

The examinations are modular: two modules for AS and two modules for the full A level. The two AS modules cover the four skills of listening, writing, reading and speaking. The A2 level modules focus mostly on speaking and writing, with a cultural component added to the mix. Here there is the opportunity to study any aspect of Italian society, film, literature and geopolitical life. In recent years we have examined topics such as the Mafia, neo-realism in film, the role of women in Italian society, as well as writers such as Dante, Pirandello or Calvino. Authentic materials are used throughout the course. Plenty of practice on past papers ensures that students are fully prepared and confident for their examination.    

Preferred Board: Edexcel

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