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Our Italian Department combines a refreshingly modern approach to language teaching – using Italian as the language of instruction in class – with a stimulating, scholarly attitude to the study of Italian literature and culture. 

Why study Italian?

Italian is an excellent choice for the student who loves Italy and would like to be able to share in the Italians’ way of life. It is also a natural companion to subjects such as Art, History of Art or Music, where so much of the content is based on Italian life and culture. Students who do Business Studies or Economics should remember that Milan is the fashion capital of Europe, that Italy leads the way in industrial design and occupies an important place in international business. A good grade in Italian GCSE (or equivalent) is a prerequisite to the A level course. 


The Course

You will study topics on the society, history and culture of contemporary Italy and will develop relevant exam skills.

The course covers the following themes:

First year:

The changes of Italian society

Political and artistic culture in Italian speaking countries

Second year:

Italy in an evolving society: migrations.

From Fascism to our day

The syllabus aims to further develop all 4 language skills and to equip you to use the language for practical communication at an advanced level.

What will we cover?

A wide range of themes and contemporary issues in Italy will be used as a basis for language work. Several topics will be dealt with in some depth, and we will study one book and one film. The examination consists of listening, reading, oral, translation and written responses to Italian literary and film works. For the speaking exam students are also expected to carry out a research project using Italian resources.

What will I achieve?

By the end of this course you should be able to...

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Italian social and cultural context
- Express viewpoints and justify opinions
- Develop logical arguments to persuade
- Critically analyse a book or a film
- Evaluate the form and techniques used in the book/film
- Relate the book/film to key concepts, issues and the social context
- Present an independent research project in the speaking examination
- Respond to spoken and written texts and stimuli showing understanding of the main points, gist and detail
- Translate a general text into and from Italian.


How is it examined?

Paper 1 (Listening, Reading and Translation into English) will test your listening comprehension skills, your ability to read and respond to a variety of texts. It  is worth 40% of the A level.

Paper 2 (Written response to works and Translation into Italian) will test your ability of developing a detailed understanding and appreciation of the works studied by writing critical and analytical responses in Italian. It is worth 30% of the A level.

Paper 3 (Speaking) is assessed via two distinct tasks conducted entirely in Italian. Task 1 is based on any of the sub-themes studied during the two-year course. Task 2 is based on a presentation and discussion of a student’s independent research project. It is worth 30% of the A level.

Preferred Board: Edexcel

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