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The Subject

A Level Latin offers students the opportunity to read a selection of literature by some of the greatest Roman authors - in the original language. A GCSE in Latin is normally required but the grammar and syntax taught at GCSE is reviewed and extended during the course. The texts studied include Virgil’s epic poem, the Aeneid, and Cicero’s legal speeches. Latin is an excellent subject to combine with Classical Greek, Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, English, other modern languages, Mathematics and History. Studying Classics equips students with logical and analytical skills that are highly prized in the world of Finance, Business and Law.

The Course

A Level students sit four exam papers. As well as an unseen language exam there is also an unseen comprehension paper. A Level students will also read two prose and two verse authors, who change every other year. Previous authors have included Cicero and Tacitus for prose, Virgil and Ovid for verse.

This qualification is examined by OCR.

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