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Why Study Music?

A Level Music offers students an opportunity to learn and develop an understanding of music history, composition and performance. The new A- level aims to equip pupils with the necessary tools to study music at university level or potentially gain a job in the music industry. 

Music combines creativity, imagination and academic study in a way that no other subject does. It is a course which is highly regarded by universities for the breadth of skills which students develop. Although it is not strictly necessary to have taken a GCSE in Music, students embarking on the A level course should have a sound basis in music theory, ideally having taken the Grade 5 Associated Board examination, and be proficient in performing instrumental or vocal music. 

The Course

We follow the OCR specification. This course is designed around three key skills:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Music history and listening.

In both years the student will be expected to submit a video recording of their own playing. The inception of both courses requires a grade 5 on the ABRSM or Trinity scale.

In both years students have the opportunity to compose their own original work alongside a portfolio of stylistic composition projects set by OCR. Students are encouraged to develop proficiency with music notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.

History and Analysis focuses on listening to music and understanding how it works. This is achieved through study of prescribed set works and also by further listening. All students are also encouraged to enhance their listening skills by further listening outside of class. Music is generally taught in classes of no more than three and frequently on a one-to one basis. This allows for each student to receive tuition focusing on their individual requirements.  

Preferred Board: OCR

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