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The Sociology Department at Collingham is small, friendly and efficient: the current Head of Department is an Assistant Principal examiner for the main exam board (AQA). The classes employ a range of teaching methods: lecturing, class discussions and working from course materials, with particular emphasis on developing exam skills.  

Why study Sociology?

Sociology involves the study of human societies. In essence, it explores the organised institutions that are found in all societies, such as family, religion, education the criminal justice system and the mass media. It aims to describe and explain the patterns of inequality and conflict which are a feature of all societies. The emphasis will be on contemporary society, but some historical and comparative study will be included.  We live in a global world and the ways in which our lives have been affected by this process will also be investigated.
Sociology at A level would appeal to students who have an interest in people and social issues. A good knowledge of current affairs is important for students of sociology, although to study the subject at AS/A level requires no previous experience. Sociology can be seen as a particularly useful A level for students intending to read Social Work, Law, Criminology, Social Sciences, Journalism or Media Studies at university. 

The course

A Level first year consists of:

Education and methods in context

Research methods plus one of the following topics:

  • Culture and identity
  • Families and households
  • Health
  • Work poverty and welfare

A Level second year consists of:

Crime and deviance

Theory and methods plus one of the following:

  • Beliefs
  • Global development
  • The media
  • Stratification and differentiation  

Unit 3: Beliefs in Society; Global Development; Mass media; Power and Politics

Unit 4: Crime and Deviance; Stratification and Differentiation; Theory and Methods.  

Preferred Board: AQA

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