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GCSE Retakes

Students can retake Mathematics and English. The Mathematics exam is set in November, the English in January.   

A Level Retakes

Students who wish to retake A level subjects have to take them in the summer exam session.

There are two ways in which a student wishing to retake their A levels can go forward.  Option one is the one-year course. Option two is the January to June course.

Option one

September to June

This is the preferred option for most students. They will have an entire academic year to work on their chosen subjects. This allows significant progress to be made and can also open up the potential for the student to take up a new one-year A level subject, if they wish. The fact that the student goes back into an academic environment in September means that the subject matter can be immediately refreshed and the student is more like to recall a great deal from their previous academic year. This can be particularly important for the Sciences and Mathematics.

The one year course also allows the college to process a new UCAS application for the student.  This will ensure that the very best university application is made and will maximise their chances of getting into a university of excellence.

Option two

January to June

This option is generally geared toward students who have organised a gap year activity. Given the limited amount of time available, this option will require the student to be able to cope with a fast-moving course and quickly to re-establish a good working knowledge of the examination material from the previous academic year.  It is most suitable for students who have only narrowly missed their grades.

Advice on which option is most suitable for each student will be given at interview.

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