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Music Technology

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Why Study Music Technology?

A Level Music Technology is a fascinating, hugely rewarding course.

It will also prepare you excellently for futher study and finding a job once you leave education. The obvious careers that music technology can lead to are those involving sound engineering - either in live venues, broadcast studios, onfilm stets or, of course, in a recording studion. You will also be studying elements of sound design and composing for other media, so a future in the composition of film or computer games music will also be open to you. However, the skills you will learn in numeracy, literacy, analysis and application of knowledge during course are transerable to any future career, so it's a great course to study whatever you choose to do afterwards.

The Course

We follow the Edexcel specification. This course is designed around four key components:

  1. Recording
  2. Technology-based composition
  3. Listening and analysing
  4. Producing and analysing

Preferred Board: Edexcel

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