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20 September 2021

Hidden City

Two weeks ago the new Year 12 students set out from outside the Marylebone Pub to take part in the Hidden City, ‘Moriarty’s Game,’ an immersive treasure hunt style game across London. Guided by their mobile phones, the students had to decipher clues, communicate with characters, solve puzzles, and make choices that affected their path in the story. When they worked out the correct answer at each location, they would have to text their answers to Moriarty, who would then send back the next clue.

This was a great teambuilding activity as the teams not only found the clues they needed, but also rushed to each new destination in an effort to be the fastest team to complete the game. It was a fantastic afternoon and marked the start of what we hope to be an exciting year at Collingham College.

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    Hidden City

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