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The Subject 

Why study Classics at A level?  

The study of Classics involves learning about the birth of Western Civilisation from 1500 BC to 500 AD. From the Greeks we get the birth of Epic, Drama, History and Philosophy, and from the Romans the concept of Law and Empire.   The ancient languages teach us about the origins of European languages as well as a direct understanding of a culture that was the basis of our own.    

At University - A Classics A-level is excellent preparation for a number of degree courses including Law, English, Drama, History, Medicine, Philosophy, Modern Languages, and of course, Classics.  

And beyond - Classicists have careers in banking, teaching, business, journalism, politics and more. For some well-known examples take a look at Classics and the World of Work here.

The Course

The Classics team at Collingham cover all areas of the subject with specialists in the teaching of Latin and Greek, Art and Architecture,  Ancient History and Philosophy. There are  A-level qualifications in all of the separate disciplines, Ancient History, Classical CivilisationClassical Greek and Latin, although OCR offers a Classics qualification in which the student can choose modules from different subjects, for example a module in Latin language can be taken alongside a module in Roman history.

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